We use the most innovative technologies to achieve an unsurpassable level of quality and reliability of measurement in monitoring and control systems.

Our systems are based upon an architecture of controllers and data acquirers distributed along the cells, above vertical storages to be supervised, and throughout the entire transport network of the plant, covering wide areas of real-time monitoring at extremely low operating cost.

Such architecture guarantees that weak electric signals access acquisition and control units along the shortest route, avoiding analog information deterioration, removing the need for control signals and additional wiring in the field, reducing costs in the adoption of solutions and finally minimizing potential failure points.

One simple and effective communication network (made up of a twisted pair that is suitable for RS 485 communications) allows a bus interconnection of field units. Equally, high-performance Ethernet ports, which are available in each CPU or in communication gateways, extend connectivity to the world of industrial networks and the Internet through more complex topologies.

Natural access to industrial wireless networks increases its architecture’s flexibility, boosting connectivity and data safety.

The system reports to the plant’s control network which usually consists of PLCs and SCADA software as operation interface.

Last-generation SCADAs support mimics of high graphic quality, tendencies, records, generation of absolute alarms and alarms due to variable increase; this capacity makes a friendly work environment, with screens that are specially created for each application, faults report and global connectivity via Internet.

Every system has been developed by our own engineering procedures, and they are built using our own advanced-technology, high-quality components.

The main operational advantages of this proposal are the system’s flexibility, its methodological excellence and diagnostic simplicity, coupled with extremely low maintenance rates.
Information range and availability are boosted to levels never attained before, thanks to the technology of MB TCP/IP Ethernet networks and web page, together with reliable RS 485 networks.
Operational innovation and reliability, control and safety in critical areas of industrial plants, ports and grain storages.
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